We're back for another epic night of Happy New Year 2023 with Shaheem a famous dancer a Oscar & Emmy award, Special famous guest and Sound by DJ Hear No Evil

Lutfi Yildiz, Ex deaf pizza owner from Conn

Empowerment in the deaf community

ASL Nation Expo is a fast-growing community-based company that is dedicated to serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. We offer a wide range of support that focuses on the advancement and achievement that promotes advocacy amongst the Deaf and Hearing community. In our environment of the ASL NATION EXPO we are believe in equal of the Diversity and inclusive together. Some of the support that we offer include:

  • Workshops & Conferences
  • ASL Classes
  • Expos
  • Events
  • Innovations & Government Engagement
We assure that all methods of communication are accessible to everyone!!

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About Us

ASL Nation Expo has served the deaf community for 1 year, assisting clients with a wide range of services to include ASL classes, Expos, and networking opportunities. More than 1000 clients from the Deaf community have taken advantage of our services and have successfully promoted their businesses and services to the public.


Our mission is to connect, educate and empower individuals by raising awareness and the understanding of Deaf culture within the community. We strive to advocate deaf services through education and technology, while promoting cultural education, providing charitable contributions, and offering life skills within the community.


We envision developing environments where small businesses, entrepreneurs, and prominent leaders within the Deaf community are awarded the opportunity to market their products or services. We believe in fostering a type of community involvement that applies a holistic and synergistic approach to developing long-term partnerships among major stakeholders such as government entities, private sectors, non-governmental organizations.

Our Motto

Empowerment. Inclusion. Equality.

Upcoming Events

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