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Sponsorship Opportunities

Our expos and conferences are heavily marketed with advance promotion and on-site publicity, which inspire previous sponsors to return due to the success of our events. Sponsorship includes an opportunity for your company to be featured on our event webpage, promotional material, electronic ticketing, and so much more.


ASL Nation Expo is an organization that aims to empower and advocate for Deaf/Hard of hearing,
Deaf Blind, ASL Interpreters and CODA individuals, while fostering the promotion of inclusion and
equality through education. ASL Nation’s exhibitions provides opportunities for individuals to
network and build awareness through fun, engaging and immersive activities. These major events
has cultivated an intrinsic value to individuals globally subsequently bringing forth a change to both
the Deaf and hearing world. We believe that building and forging a dynamic and resilient community
demands a collective action among the major stakeholders in the society.


The primary mission and objective of this event is to empower the Deaf community by educating
and immersing our language with others, to improve communication accessibility through the use
assistive technology and innovative solutions. We strive to cultivate an intrinsic environment by
providing cultural education, life skills and charitable contributions.


We envision creating environments that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and prominent leaders
within the Deaf community can offer their products or services. We believe fostering a type of
community involvement that applies a holistic and synergistic approach to developing long-term
partnership among major stakeholders such as the government, private sector, non-governmental
organizations, and the communities themselves.


ASL Nation Expo firmly value every contribution that our sponsors generously provide. As our way of
showing our gratitude and appreciation for the support of our dear sponsors, we plan to give you
the following opportunities:

Platinum Sponsor

  • 2 Large Expos with exhibit space
  • 1 Mini Expo with exhibit space at any location of your choice
  • 6 months of company recognition and advertisement of your
    logo on our website as a sponsor


Gold Sponsor

  • 1 Large Expo with exhibit space
  • 3 months of company recognition and advertisement of your
    logo on our website as a sponsor


Sliver Sponsor

  • 1 month of advertisement of your company’s logo on our
    website as a sponsor with free electric usage


The organizers of the different events and the overall project provide you 3 sponsorship packages
that you may choose from. Each package is independent and distinct from one another. They cover
different degrees of benefits depending on the amount of your donation or contribution. Hence, the
higher the sponsor’s contribution, the more benefits that he or she can reap from it especially in
terms of marketing. The different levels of sponsorship packages are as follows: Platinum, Gold, and