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The ASL NATION EXPO team mission is to bring everyone together and believe in each other’s work. What makes ASL NATION EXPO so special and geared toward success is we all have strengths in different areas with the right attitude and passion to grow and build for our future. Please read our biography to learn more about us.

Our team

Al Lepre Humanitarian award in 2008

Harold CEO

big Harold CEO and Founder of ASL NATION EXPO, big LLC

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Harold Z. I am the CEO & Founder of ASL NATION EXPO. I previously co-founded the American Deaf Exposition , Seaport Deaf Festival in New York and New Jersey Deaf Exposition from 2007-2014 with the owner and my best friend, Al Lepre. Sadly after Mr. Lepre passed away I put all of my businesses on hold. I am excited to be back and working to bring people together with a brand new company “ASL NATION EXPO”!

I continue to have strong belief system with a focus on helping others to expand their businesses. I also believe in establishing, supporting and improving networking in the Deaf community, (we welcome the hearing community as well).

The goal of ASL NATiON EXPO is to have a place we can call home at events and expos in every city, all over the country.

I want to thank you for visiting our new ASL NATION EXPO website. Take the time to explore our site, here you will find so many things to do in the community.

With Love, Harold Z.

DeAngelo Brown of director at ASL NATION EXPO, LLC

DeAngelo Brown director of ASL NATION EXPO LLC

I am humbled and thrilled to be named the new director of ASL NATION EXPO.   I look forward to continuing to develop and implement our mission of unity and inspiration.  We all have challenges and struggles in our lives, it is important that we support each other and believe in one another and ourselves.  Together we are stronger.  With encouragement and support we can persevere and never give up.   

My most recent experiences include my work with Def Familia.  We’ve hosted events in Washington, DC, where Black Ink Crew joined us for a meet and greet in partnership with LMG, based out of Chicago.  This event was sold out!  We’ve also booked Ceaser, as well as Ted and Kitty from VH1 Black Ink Crew.  Maintaining these connections and forging new connections with other musicians and celebrities will be an ongoing goal of mine as ASL NATION EXPO continues to grow.  

I have a successful history of organizing and launching a wide variety of gatherings, parties and fundraisers including:  Fashions Shows, Clothing line, Performances and Celebrations.  I have extensive experience working as photographers, videographers and with DJs.  I believe my experience and connections in these areas will bring the ASL NATION EXPO to the next level.   

Since my days as an undergraduate student at Gallaudet University, it has been my mission to bring people together and build a community where individuals can develop friendships, network and support one another.  I was always known as one of the Best Deaf Party Promoters.  It was during these days that “T.O.P” began then “2 Ill Brothers” and eventually became “Def Famila Entertainment.”   

Please join me as ASL NATION EXPO continues to grow and brings events to your area.  Visit our website often and be on the lookout for more opportunities to gather with friends, new and old.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with ideas and suggestions or events that you would like to see ASL NATION EXPO at.

Together we are STRONGER

Elinor Goldberg

Assistant Director/Outreach Community Manager ASL Nation Expo

Assistant Director/Outreach Community Manager ASL Nation Expo

Advocacy. Education. Empowerment. Equality. Inclusion.

She is as single deaf mother of three girls and was born and raised in Israel and moved to New
Jersey, USA in 2006. As the CEO of Access Communication Empowerment in pass Elinor
Goldberg, a woman who has strong passion for advocacy in the Deaf community. Access
Communication Empowerment, LLC in pass was created to address communication barriers and
other issues that the Deaf community faces on the local, county, state and federal levels. Access
Communication Empowerment, and ASL Nation Expo are offers advocacy, consultation,
education and resources, events, ASL classes, workshop, Resources and more.. include but are not
limited to ADA access, improving disaster preparedness readiness accessibility, interpreting
referral services, educational workshops and inspirational speaking on various topics including
empowerment. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design/Communication. She is also FEMA certified in Emergency Management for People with Disabilities. She works closely with emergency management at OEM of New Jersey, Public safety and CERT training as a consultant for the Deaf community for disaster preparedness readiness.

Elinor strongly believes in inclusion and empowering people with disabilities and offering them
access will help them have abilities to be part of the bigger community. My passion is making
the world more better and strong for our community Value with full respectful and provide a full
access language and visual.

In the past, Mrs. Goldberg has served in the IDF (Israel Defense Force Army).
She was the first Deaf solider to receive an award for Best Solider. and born in Israel. She also
served as a Deaf Ambassador for Language People, Inc. also Elinor was provide a full Education
and Training for many companies like- Police, Medical, school and government systems how to
communicate with deaf/hard of hearing people in public with a full access service of Technology
communication VRI to be equal for our community.

In her free time, she enjoys volunteering for her community whereas she sees herself as a
supporter and an advocate by implementing awareness and pushing for social justice towards
equality and accessibility.

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